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About TackleWebshop

TackleWebshop is a professional company which focuses exclusively on selling fishing gear through internet. We do not have a fysical shop but have our own warehouse. Because of this we can offer fast shipments and low pricing. However low pricing is only one of our unique selling points. Customer satisfaction is another USP which we focus on. Thanks to our hard effort our average customer satisfaction of 9.1. TackleWebshop is part of our Dutch webshop


TackleWebshop has the ambition to become the number 1 webshop for fishing Europe. We aspire to supply fishers of fishing gear in a simple and fast way which is at the same time very customer-friendly. We do this by easy navigation, fast delivery, transparent communication and by giving more service than legally required. In addition we try to give the fisher a better experience in our online shop than he has in an offline tackle store by using innovative technical possibilities and 24/7 shopping abilities. We also want to pay a contribution to the quality of life and our enviroment. Therefor we aspire to only use sustainable packaging materials and stimulate sales on sustainable items.


TackleWebshop is looking forward to a future in which fishing is even more a family trip than it already is. Fathers take their sons - and perhaps even daughters - to the waterside to fish together. In this future both the purchase and usage of the fishing gear possible in a sustainable way and buying it online self-evident. TackleWebshop's role in this future is to be customer friendly shop with professional performance.